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tv   The Late News  CBS  March 18, 2023 2:06am-2:30am PDT

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... have a good time. let's do it. >> basically we're just suckers for a good time. >> now at 11:00, lots of beer, green, and leave music. it's st. patrick's day and march madness. what could be better for business? from kpix, this is the late news with sara donchey on cbs news bay area. >> good evening. i'm sara donchey. after a rough couple months of storms, bad weather, bay area businesses have been waiting for a weekend like this. march madness, st. patrick's day and a nearly perfect weather day, the kind of friday bar and restaurant owners have
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been begging for. [ music ] >> st. patrick's day is a big deal in san francisco. it's kind of our thing. this year people have been out in force across the city. mary lee talked about the day and the weekend they need. port here this st. paddy's party just like before the pandemic and bars and pubs love having everyone back. friends brendan, ryan, and joel are celebrating the luck of the irish here at this san francisco block party. ryan even came all the way from ireland. >> san francisco, have a good time. let's do it. >> basically we're just suckers for a good time. >> reporter: we caught up with samantha wolf and her mom dancing an irish jig and having the best time together. >> the energy is so refreshing because we had like the few
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years off with covid. it's so nice to have everyone back together again dancing and having a good time. >> it's really the only day that irish have for a holiday. >> reporter: shawn sheridan showed up with his lucky leprechaun shirt. he's been celebrating st. patrick's day here in san francisco for the last 40 years. >> i've never been to ireland, but this is probably as close as you're going to get to ireland because the way they have this set up on the block party is replicating dublin and all the irish areas. it's actually pretty good. [ music ] >> i think we're pleasantly surprised, to be honest. after the bad weather and all the rain, we're very nervous going into this friday and we really needed this. we're just happy to have everybody come out and celebrate with us. >> reporter: brian martin is
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the irish bank's bar manager working here the last five years and says the turnout is just like it was prepandemic. >> this guy is a beast. you guys should have seen him in there. dude, legend. >> reporter: the irish bank's block party outside lasts until midnight, but the party does not stop there. you can head inside the irish bank to continue celebrating st. patrick's day until 2 a.m. with so many people out partying and drinking, there is reason to be concerned about drunk driving. sfpd will have checkpoints around the city this year until at least 3 a.m. it is really hard to complain about the weather we had today. it was dare i say warm outside? but bad news if you liked that. there is another storm on the way. we need the rain even though we've had so much of it. it's helped pull us out of this drought, but oh, my gosh, i was
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actually outside today in shorts. i had on a tank top. >> not used to enjoying the outdoors recently? >> juliette goodrich was talking about how it lifted like our moods today and i really feel like it did. >> it really helps. we get another day of this tomorrow and then we're back into an unsettled pattern. >> oh, no. >> i'll give you good news first. the break from the rain does continue tomorrow. high pressure isn't real strong in the atmosphere overhead, but strong enough to keep rain chances at bay saturday. next storm system is way out here over the pacific that's going to send a chance of rain towards us eventually, but enjoy another dry and warm day. despite increasing clouds throughout the day saturday, temperatures will be 2 to 6 degrees above normal for this time of year. those rain chances return to the forecast after sunset saturday night and really closer to midnight. rain chances will continue through the rest of the night and into the first half of the day sunday, but sunday does not look like a total washout. it's definitely going to be chillier and still mostly gray
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with lingering showers, but the best chance of rain is largely going to occur during the early morning hours on sunday. we'll look at futurecast and track all this, including a look ahead to earlypaul, thank tonight pajaro and monterey county is drying out, but the people who lived there and had to escape the flooding have no idea when they'll be allowed back home. there's been some confusion about aid for farmworkers, also. on wednesday the governor said $42 million from united way would be available, but the agency says no, it's actually $300,000, definitely a big difference there. now two of mexico's biggest acts are helping raise money for people there. [ music ] >> mana is teaming up with alejandro fernandez. some of the money from their upcoming bay area concerts will go to community bridges, which
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is going to help evacuees. manas play tomorrow and fernandez on september 9th. all we've been doing is talking about the rain. the years long drought caused a shortage of cattle across the u.s. which means beef prices will go up this spring. len ramirez went out to the only cattle auction left on the california coast where they're still selling cows the old- fashioned way. >> reporter: cowboys, ranchers, and corporate buyers come to answer the call of the auctioneer. sitting at the top of the auction block and calling out the bids is jim warren who has been doing this for almost five decades. >> i've done it for 49 years. so if i didn't like it, i
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wouldn't do it. i'm probably the most spoiled human being on earth. >> reporter: j. and his two sons cole and ty own and operate 101 livestock market in aromas, the last of its kind on the california coast. >> i like the fact that my boys are involved in it and i like helping the people get good money for their cattle. >> reporter: but he didn't start out as an auctioneer. he was a champion bulldogger or steer wrestler and performed in some of the biggest rodeos in the west. later when he leased this auction site, his auctioneer didn't show up one day. so he decided to take up the mic himself. >> i got up that night and started selling myself and i kind of taught myself to sell. it was the most difficult thing i've probably ever done, but it was really worth it. >> reporter: unlike some auctioneers who use a rhythmic repetition of numbers and filler words, which are almost too hard to understand, jim's style is more straightforward. >> it's more important to us to stay smooth and easy and not trying to put on a big show or
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act like you're too smart. >> reporter: and then there's the body language. >> when you use your hands, you're actually letting that person know that he's in and he's in and now this person's in and that person's in. it lets people understand a little bit more that they're in or they're out. >> reporter: jim says cattle bids will set records this year. demand is high and ranchers who survived the pandemic and the drought are being rewarded with greener pastures from all the rain and fatter cows. it also means supermarket beef prices will be up. >> because we have less cattle, the market is going up and because the market's going up, we're probably in a marketing time frame when people are going to be able to make some money. >> reporter: jim has survived the many market ups and downs over the years and at 82 years old this year, he does not plan on stepping aside anytime soon. >> i'll probably die up there on the block someday.
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>> reporter: he says when you love what you're doing, it isn't work. it's fun. still ahead, the young woman in that photo was supposed to turn 25 years old today and her parents say they will not rest until they give her a proper good-bye. one bay area city's permanent tribute to alexis gabe. she was reporting on crime in san francisco when one reporter became a victim of crime herself. she's sharing her story and it's sparking a lot of debate online. also, he's acted in some of the most popular tv shows and movies ever made. we look back at the life of lance reddick.
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it was a full day of mixed emotions. an oakley family celebrated their daughter's birthday and
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also mourned her death. as the city of oakley dedicated a bench in her honor, andrea nakano has more on some important new developments in the alexa gabe case. >> reporter: this is the bench dedicated to alexis gabe. her family says the best birthday present for her would be to find justice for alexis. ♪ happy birthday happy birthday happy birthday to you. ♪. >> you're supposed to be celebrating. she's supposed to be celebrating her birthday with us. >> reporter: family, friends, and community members came together for alexis gabe's birthday. police say she was murdered last year by her boyfriend, marshall jones, at his home in antioch. ♪ happy birthday to you. ♪ >> reporter: this was alexis' big 21st birthday celebration just four years ago. the family continues to struggle with the loss of a
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dear daughter and sister. >> the longer that i feel that she's not here, i don't know. it's really hard to move on. >> reporter: what has made this case even more painful for the family is that they have not been able to bring her home. some of her body parts are still missing, but thanks to the work of 700 volunteers, alexis' torso has finally been found. the family hopes the latest discovery leads to charges for those they believe helped to cover up the murder. >> we were very appreciative of what they found is a big part of her and that's actually the part that the d.a. was looking for. it's what they're asking for because they want to know how she died. >> reporter: the gabe family says their attorneys will have a meeting with the district attorney's office tuesday. thho that arwill a tense battle over police funding at san francisco city hall.
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the mayor wants $28 million for police overtime. that's at a stalemate with the board of supervisors and city hall is where one cnn reporter experienced the ultimate irony today related to crime. while she was robbed reporting on voters unhappy about crime they're seeing on their streets. she and her producer were there for an interview. hired security guards were watching their cars, but they were still broken into. thieves smashed the back window of one of their cars in seconds stealing their bags, including kenlaw's id and passport. she said the guards kept them from stealing the other bags and got a picture of the getaway car. law got through the airport without her id because she said southwest is used to people coming in after they've been robbed or had their things stolen. she added gas stations are often hit around the airport and workers said passengers show up crying because their bags were stolen. luckily a city worker actually found her bag and reached out to her. we just found out the restaurant found her producer's bag dumped at a spot where more
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car break-ins are happening. so this is a common story for a lot of us here, many cities in the bay area. >> they have these signs as you leave the airport, hey, hide your stuff when you're out and about the area. it's just unfortunate. >> whenever somebody visits or moves here, that's the first thing i tell them. >> i tell visitors don't bring anything you can't carry with you all day. if you're out and about, there's good news once again for saturday, warm, dry conditions for one more day, our fourth consecutive day with no measurable rainfall across the bay area, but light rain returns late tomorrow night and continuing into the first half of the day sunday. there are going to be some locally heavy downpours, but they don't linger long enough to be problematic.
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let's look at the tahoe forecast. you can actually go, if you haven't already. it's going to be crowded on the roads and some precipitation in the mountains heading into sunday. the second half of the weekend might be slower going. be prepared for a rain/snow mix, but the winter storm watch in effect up there is for next week monday morning through midday wednesday. additional feet of snow is likely and that's another rainmaker for the bay area. let's focus on this first one. we'll see increasing clouds through the day tomorrow, but the rain is still off the coast until after midnight. we'll see the rain moving across the bay area sunday morning. again, locally heavy downpours, but in terms of significant flooding threat, doesn't look likely. lingering showers heading into sunday afternoon. adding up the rain with this particular system and it's going to range from a few hundredths of an inch to potentially over three-quarters inch in the north bay where the heavier downpours linger a little longer, but again, unless the rain system really overachieves, this is going to be something that comes through
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and then gets out of here without leaving high impact behind unlike the past couple. temperatures tomorrow morning starting in the low to mid-40s for most of us, good dog walking weather, special 11 p.m. edition of the dog walking forecast with our friend music here who is now an actor. she is in the andy warbucks production at the landmark theater. you can check her out as she apparently has some human co- stars as well, low to mid-60s. good weather if she's walking to work tomorrow. 60s around the bay and then into the upper 60s and low 70s farther inland, way above normal for those spots that do hit the low 70s in san jose, for instance. then a big drop in temperatures, 6 to 12 degrees cooler for the second half of the weekend. the unsettled pattern does continue. the wettest time frames will be tomorrow night into early sunday, about the first half of sunday and then again tuesday. we'll watch that for the potential of stronger winds, but we aren't outlining it as a first alert day yet and then
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lingering showers late next week, but it does not look like those are going to be that substantial. it's an unsettled pattern, although some breaks here and there. >> that's kind of what we need in between. >> exactly. let it soak in. >> thank you. coming up, you would think a crowd like this at a university would be for a concert or celebrity on campus. the truth is a lot weirder and it has something to do with buying in bulk. hey, straight ahead in sports, the day it was in the ncaa tournament men's and women's. bay area has both teams alive. we'll show you where i'm jayson. i'm living with hiv and i'm on cabenuva. it helps keep me undetectable. for adults who are undetectable, cabenuva is the only complete, long-acting hiv treatment you can get every other month. cabenuva is two injections, given by my healthcare provider, every other month. it's really nice not to have to rush home and take a daily hiv pill.
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the bay area has one team to root for in the march madness tournament. the fifth-seeded st. mary's college moraga, the gaels defeating vcu today. st. mary's is one of the smallest schools in the tournament with just 2,000 undergrad students. my high school was bigger than that, almost double that size. they are underdogs, but the school has had some success before. this year they'll have to beat uconn to get there again.
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>> even though some of those schools that have 20 or 30 or 40,000 kids, they can only play five and we'll match our five against theirs. >> okay. uconn, yeah. >> not easy. before people call in, we have one men's people and one women's team. >> okay. >> in the ncaa tournament. >> yes. >> i know how people get. >> as a female basketball player, i thank you for that. >> we are going to focus on the men now, 32 men's teams left in this one. we know connecticut is in, but let's talk about how the gaels got there. they played virginia commonwealth from my hometown of richmond, virginia. did you know bill murray is a basketball fan? did you know his brother doyle murray went to st. mary's? he and bill were in albany, new york, today. gaels up one, a scramble for the ball as the shot clock runs
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down as we see an image of -- i don't know who that is, but we'll keep going. there's bill and his brother in albany watching the action. gaels up one, scramble for the ll the shot clock running out. augustus marciulionis scored here. look how the gaels beat the press, made vcu pay. mitchell saxen slammed it home. he had 17 points, eight-point game, three minutes left. marciulionis kicked it out to an open logan johnson, buried the three and st. mary's won the game, 63-51. they move on to play uconn again sunday in the round of 32. >> st. mary's is kind of struggling the second round. coach bennett hasn't been to a sweet 16 yet. what would it mean for you to be on the team that gets him to a sweet 16? >> coach has been to a sweet 16 before and he'll probably make another one. >> way to look out for him,
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man. we got matt painter, number one seed purdue going fair leave fairleigh dickinson, down three in the final seconds. good look from the corner but no. fairleigh dickinson pulled off the stunner of top seed purdue, 63-58. the boilermakers join virginia as the second number one seed to lose to a 16. over to the women's side, their ncaa tournament started, taking on sacred heart in red. late first quarter and the pioneers couldn't stop haley jones who blew it on by, three of her 17 after the made free throw. late third quarter now a 29- point game, oh, my. emma nopu, the layup the other way. cardinal ran sacred heart out
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of the maples pavilion, 92-49. they meet mississippi on sunday. fourth quarter in atlanta hawks up six and curry from way out and usually this works out and it did. steph scored 31 points. under two minutes remaining, warriors down one. off the jump ball, klay thompson, no. golden state was 11 at 40 from three and atlanta won this game 127-119. that is ten straight road losses , the warriors 36-35 with 11 games to play. the warriors and dallas mavericks are tied for sixth in the conference. warriors are at the memphis grizzlies saturday. you got to keep on punching. at some point a road victory
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going to happen. they just don't want to run out of time. >> as far as the image was a competing network saying zero perfect brackets remaining for fairleigh out of the millions that they have. >> we're just a couple days in. >> i don't feel bad about our situation anymore. coming up, he rose to time on "the wire" and was a


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